Nactown Barbers Creating Fresh Trims....

About Us

They can design new hair styles for any individual check yourself in for a total new look or refresh your original style with us. Our friendly, experienced staff will give you the treatment you deserve from the minute you walk in the door.


They cater to all types and styles of hair cuts. Take a look at their galley to see what we have in store. Nactown Barbers has a comfortable waitng room for it's customers and computer consoles for the children. They are a friendly business with a good atmosphere for all ages...

Your Experience

Take a few mintues  – to restyle yourself, feel fresh, and rejuvenate your look at their quality Barbers. Make sure to look through our photo gallery for a sneak peak at the styles that awaits.

Visit us now!


"It's hard to find a good barber to cut my hair exactly how i would like it...then i found Nactown!." -- Daniel Claxton, Essex

"Even thou i have a grade one all over they still style it to make me look good!." --                          Craig Mortimer, Ipswich


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